Career a Day in the Month of May

May 1: Talent Director
On this day in 1883 Buffalo Bill's First Wild West Show performed. On May 19th, the show opened at Omaha Nebraska. Read about the different jobs for both men and women in this historic show.
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May 2: Dietitian
Play this game to learn how dietitians help people eat healthy.
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May 3rd: Careers that use Math
Check out 9 cool careers that use math everyday in this new activity.
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May 4th: Landscape Architect
Spring is the time for Landscape Architects to get busy. Check out how you can become a landscape architect.
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May 5th: Careers in Engineering
Learn more about different careers in engineering with this digital activity.
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May 6th: Card Designer
Explore careers and create cards and gifts for mother's day with these career activities focused on floral design and art.
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May 7th: Acute Care Nurse
What makes acute care nurses different from other nursing careers? Find out here!
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May 8th: Mother's Day Career Activities
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May 9th: Careers and You!
Learn about yourself and connect the info to careers in this fun activity. Print it or use it online!
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May 10th: Career Activity Books
Learn about careers through these print and go activity books!
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May 11th: Storm Chaser
Find out about the risky career of being a storm chaser.
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May 12th: Astronomer
Go to to see what's up in the sky and visit our career of the day to find out more about astronomy!
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May 13th: Composers and Musicians
On May 13th 1938 : "When the Saints Go Marching In" was recorded by Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra. Learn more about careers in music with this career of the day!
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May 14th: School Search
This past weekend marked graduation for many students in Virginia's colleges. Take a look at your favorite schools, majors, and careers in the VIEW school search.
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May 15th: Postsecondary Education Administrators
Learn about how universities get the job done from admissions to hiring professors in this career.
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May 16th: Aerospace Engineers
One year ago the space shuttle Endeavor was scheduled for lift off Learn more about the career that made it happen!
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May 17th: Non Destructive Testing Specialists
Are you getting ready for SOL testing? Take a look at this career that uses testing in a whole new way!
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May 18th: Geoscientist
On this day in 1980 Mount St. Helens in Skamania County, Washington. Thirty two years later geoscientists are still studying the volcano and the effects on the landscape. Go to: to learn more about this historic event.
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May 19th: Information Technology Careers
As you practice for your SOLs learn more about who creates the computer programs that you use to practice and take the tests with Information Technology Careers!
/resources/pdf/k-5/Exploring Information Technology.pdf
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May 20th: Fashion Designers
On May 20th, 1874 - Levi Strauss began marketing blue jeans with copper rivets. Levi's are one of the most popular jean brands in the U.S. Learn more about fashion designers right here!
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May 23rd: Opthalmic Lab Tech
On this day in 1785 - Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter that he had invented bifocals. Learn more about how people make glasses by looking at this career of the day!
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May 24th: Ship and Boat Captains
On this day in 1607, Captain Christopher Newport and 105 followers found the colony of Jamestown on the coast of Virginia. Learn more about ship captains here!
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May 25th: Book Look: Read, Type, and Play to make your own book report.
Read, type, and play on the computer in career town to complete this activity showing you what it takes to create your own book report!
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May 26th: Setting Career Goals
Take some time to figure out your dreams in this goal setting career activity!
/resources/pdf/6-8/Dream It Plan It Do It.pdf
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May 27th: Chemical Technician
Who determines the healthy levels of chemicals in a pool? For those of you who are going swimming this weekend, ask about the PH and learn more about chemical technicians.
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May 28th: Military Specialists
Memorial Day is celebrated to pay respect to the men and women who have died in wars or in service to the U.S.A. Take a look at some of the types of military careers here.
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May 29th: Legislator
The General Assembly in Richmond is finishing up on the state's budget. Learn more about what legislators do here in the Kids Search.
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May 30th: Computer Career Games
Try out your computer skills by playing these classic computer career games.
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May 31st: Geophysical Data Technician
On this day in 1977, the Trans- Alaska Pipeline was completed. Read more about the careers that made it possible.
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